Concerts 2018

"Song for Europe" 10 November. A celebration of 500 years of European choral music.

"Hands of Friendship" 21 July. We were delighted to be asked to sing alongside Gay Abandon as guest performers at their 20th anniversary celebration concert at the Leeds College of Music. A great night was had by all!

When the Drums Begin to Beat: 19 May. Completing our 10th Anniversary celebrations, this was a performance showcasing '800 years of new music' - music that, one way or another was revolutionary in its day. The performance included the world premier of 'The Juggler' - a lively and innovative piece by London-based composer Christopher Schlect Bond, and commissioned by the choir as part of our anniversary celebrations.

Concerts 2017

"Cantabile Ten" Saturday 18th November. A musical celebration of the choir's tenth anniversary, featuring music selected by the choir from our full repertoire.

Cantabile Ten poster

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